Smart Software for Power Sellers

Easily manage Trade Me listings, sales and feedback to save you time

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  • Made for Trade Me

    Trade Me integration

    100% Kiwi, Tradevine has been designed to integrate seamlessly with Trade Me's API which allows our software to talk directly to Trade Me's software.

  • Easy product listing

    Easy product listing

    Set up your products and listing criteria including pricing, payment, shipping and auto-list details and let Tradevine handle the rest.

  • Manage Trade Me sales

    Manage Trade Me sales

    Tradevine automatically detects when a listing has been won and chases up payment - all you have to do is ship.

  • Automatically post feedback

    Automatically post feedback

    Set up Tradevine to automatically post feedback. Save your own phrases, each of which can be personalised within the system substituting the product, or buyer name.

  • Handle questions

    Handle questions

    All questions filter through and answers are posted back. Tradevine stores previous answers so you can quickly retrieve and post these. No need to monitor Trade Me, we will tell you when you need to take action.

Xero Control, Zero Effort

Tradevine automatically creates all the right transactions in Xero, all the hard work is done, allowing you to focus on your business

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  • Real time inventory

    Real time inventory

    Take the hassle out of inventory accounting. Tradevine incorporates a perpetual FIFO (first in, first out) inventory system. Stock on Hand and Cost of Goods Sold accounts are kept up to date with every purchase, sale and inventory adjustment.

  • Payment = shipment

    Payment = shipment

    Tradevine will pick up any bank payments and set up your shipment ensuring you have the money before dispatch.

  • Sale and purchase invoices

    Sale and purchase invoices

    Sales and purchases flow immediately through to Xero so that you can have latest figures at your fingertips.

  • Simple to set up

    Simple to set up

    Tradevine has a simple wizard for connecting to Xero. All you need is a Xero account and you're ready to go.

Multiple Markets?
Multichannel e-commerce

Target your customers wherever they are

  • Multiple sales channels

    Multiple sales channels

    Make sales from Trade Me or directly into Tradevine. Watch this space for more sales channels to maximise your web presence and increase your market reach.

  • Multi-prices


    Different markets have different price points. Using Tradevine, this is easy to set up and maintain.

  • Keep yourself and your customers informed

    Keep yourself and your customers informed

    Have complete visibility of goods requiring shipment. Track exactly when goods are shipped or are on back order. Automatically let your customers know by email.

Easy-peasy Purchasing

Buy what you want, when you need it

  • Auto re-order


    Flick the switch when it's time to reorder. Purchase orders will be automatically created, waiting for your approval.

  • Preferred suppliers

    Preferred suppliers

    Set up your products with preferred suppliers, and their prices.

  • When will it arrive?

    When will it arrive?

    Tradevine shows which goods are due, when they have arrived and tracks goods on back order.

Real Time Inventory = Real Time Results

Look closely to see how Tradevine can help your business

  • How much have you got?

    How much have you got?

    Our perpetual inventory system follows the FIFO principle 'First In First Out' - this ensures accurate, real-time inventory quantities and valuations.

  • How much can you sell?

    How much can you sell?

    Have complete confidence in stock totals as Tradevine keeps current Stock on Hand, Available to Sell and Available to Ship totals updated with every order.

  • Barcode scanning

    Barcode scanning

    Do you use barcodes? Tradevine is set up so that you can quickly use barcodes ensuring greater accuracy and speed.

  • Stock-takes


    Tradevine allows you to complete your stock-takes quickly and easily whenever you need.

Full feature list

Tradevine has heaps of cool features that will help your business - and lots more on the horizon!

  • Products

    • General
      • Products can be physical or virtual (such as for services)
      • Products can be kits, consisting of other defined products
      • Products can be created automatically from Trade Me listings (single-click import)
      • Products can be created and updated from a variable format csv file
      • Private and public product notes supported
      • Current NZ tax rates predefined
      • User defined Units of Measure
      • Pricing can be set by Margin, Markup or directly entered, either on a product or at a global level
      • Inventory tracking status is definable by product
      • If not tracking inventory then Xero accounts are selectable for sale and purchase transactions
      • Weight and dimensional information definable
      • Products can be ‘Archived’ and hidden from lists
      • ‘Archived’ products can be ‘unarchived’
      • Manual approval indicator for sales orders can be defined by product
    • Photos
      • All major image formats supported
      • Unlimited number of photos
      • Photo’s stored on Amazon S3
      • Automatically re-sized
      • Photos can be uploaded from PC; downloaded from Trade Me; fetched from URL, http and ftp and password protected support
    • Inventory
      • Cost price is tracked on a unit basis meaning FIFO ‘real-time’ costing
      • Inventory allocations tracked at multiple levels to ensure no overselling or shipping can occur
      • ‘Traffic light’ system to visually highlight available inventory status
      • Tradevine tracks full inventory history
      • Inventory adjustments with multiple reason codes, each with their own Xero account
      • Inventory adjustments trigger Xero journals
      • Manual stock-takes
      • Suggested stock-take based on last count to support systematic cycle counting
      • Multiple warehouses - can specify if available to sell and/or ship from e.g support quarantine warehouses, supplier warehouses, 3PL warehouses etc.
    • Suppliers
      • Multiple suppliers can be configured against a product
      • Purchase Order multiples supported
      • Prefered Supplier definable
      • Track Supplier Product Codes
    • Bill of Materials/Kitting
      • Single level ‘kit’ products definable consisting of other components
      • Tradevine dynamically calculates kit inventory based on underlying component inventory
      • Sales Orders are created for the kit, shipments are automatically display the components

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    Trade Me

    • General
      • Tradevine polls Trade Me every 5 minutes for updates
      • The poll cycle is adaptive to take into consideration the number of API calls left in each hour
      • Multiple Trade Me accounts supported
      • Tradevine can automatically withdraw Fixed Priced Offers and/or listings if insufficient inventory exists. Option to consider Purchase Orders into the calculation
      • Account balance shown on dashboard
      • Pay Now balance shown on dashboard
      • All promotional features including Gallery Plus supported
      • All ‘General’ categories supported
      • Can automatically detect Rural Delivery addresses and ‘hold’ order
    • Product
      • Products can be created from active Trade Me listings
      • Products can be created from variable format CSV
      • Tradevine supports multiple listing rules per product. Each listing rule is a complete set of data required to make a listing
      • Listing rules can be prioritised to ensure that high priority rules are listed before medium and low
      • Full support for multi-quantity listings
      • Listings in Trade Me’s ‘General’ categories supported
      • Global settings with per product/listing rule overrides
      • Pricing can be either fixed or dynamic (e.g. based on cost price + x%)
      • Global footer can be applied to all listings
    • Listing Options
      • Tradevine can control number of active listings to manage high volume listing fees
      • Images are ‘preloaded’ to Trade Me to shorten listing times
      • Scheduled listing end day/time - Tradevine can auto-list at the correct time to achieve a desired end date and/or time
    • Selling Fees
      • User specific Trade Me fees displayed
      • Ability to check listing costs against Trade Me in real-time
    • Fixed Price Offers
      • Tradevine can automatically make FPO at a user defined fixed or floating price
      • User can manually make an FPO at user defined prices
      • Tradevine will automatically exclude Blacklisted members from receiving an FPO
    • Feedback
      • Feedback can be defined with variables to personalise feedback
      • Tradevine immediately highlights neutral and negative feedback from customers
      • Tradevine can automatically place customised feedback based on customer actions or elapsed time
    • Questions
      • Questions are pulled into Tradevine for the user to answer
      • Tradevine remembers previous answers to questions by product
      • Ability to ignore questions
      • Synchronises with Trade Me if answers handled on Trade Me side
    • Reminder
      • Tradevine automatically reminds customer if payment not received to a user define schedule
      • Tradevine automatically reminds customer if delivery address not defined to a user defined schedule
      • Tradevine alerts the user if payment or address still not received after automatic reminders
      • Tradevine immediately highlights orders paid without shipping address
    • Listings
      • The ability exists to import active listings from Trade Me and automatically match against Tradevine Products and Rules. Unmatched listings can be handled by the user
      • Tradevine will make listings automatically, every 5 mins, where:
        • – there is not currently a listing
        • – there is sufficient available inventory
        • – the auto-listing flags are appropriately set
        • – listing slots are available
      • Tradevine will automatically import listings it finds in Trade Me that were created outside of Tradevine for listings where a listing-rule can be found with matching data.
      • Listings failures are highlighted to the user
      • Listing information such as current bid price, number of watchers, number of views are updated every 5 minutes
      • Listings can be manually withdrawn from within Tradevine, in addition to the auto-withdraw
      • Where possible listings will first be relisted (and edited so they are up to date with latest rule data). If no relist candidates exist a new listing will be created.
      • Current active listings can be edited if the rule data changes (either individually or through bulk import file update).

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    Sales Orders

    • General
      • Inventory checked in real-time as products are added to orders
      • Ability to Globally require manual approval of orders
      • Ability to require manual approval only on orders with specific products
      • Orders automatically created from Trade Me sales
      • Orders can be imported from a Magento export
      • Orders can be imported via CSV file
      • Previously created customer records are automatically detected and reused
      • Support for both pre-pay and post-pay orders
    • Delivery Address
      • Ability to check Trade Me orders for Rural Delivery addresses or unknown addresses against NZ Post’s database
      • Link to Google Maps against each address
      • Manually enter addresses using NZ Post’s ‘live search’ for speed and accuracy
      • If the address is overseas then GST is automatically adjusted accordingly
    • Payment Method
      • Payment can be marked as received in Tradevine or can be detected from Xero
      • If Trade Me Pay Now selected then the Pay Now fees are automatically accounted for in Xero, posting to a user-defined account
      • If cash is selected, then upon payment Tradevine automatically receives the cash in Xero
      • Multiple payment methods allowed
    • Shipment
      • Tradevine automatically detects when shipment can be made based on inventory, address, payment and optionally, user approval and moves the Sales Order status accordingly from ‘Pending’ to ‘A/W Shipment’ and creates the initial shipment record
      • Awaiting Shipments can automatically trigger Pick List based upon available inventory
      • Tradevine automatically detects if a Dymo 400 or 450 printer is attached to the PC
      • Tradevine can automatically print shipping labels if a Dymo 400 or 450 printer is attached
      • Users can design their own DYMO shipping labels
      • Tradevine can calculate which paid orders can be shipped when insufficient inventory exists to cover all liabilities
      • Tradevine can print Pick Lists complete with product images and barcode information
      • Tradevine can email invoices direct to customers
      • Tradevine can email pack lists direct to customers
      • Most couriers and their tracking webpages are built in to Tradevine
      • Tradevine store courier tracking numbers
      • Tradevine can email the tracking details to the customer including hyperlinked to the couriers website
      • ‘Fast Shipping’ screen designed to work solely by barcoding
    • Invoices
      • Generate IRD compliant Tax Invoices
      • Automatically handle GST correctly for all cases in NZ
      • Automatically detects overseas purchasers and adjusts GST accordingly
      • Two Invoices templates
    • Bank Reconciliation
      • Ability to upload bank account QIF file (downloaded from your bank)
      • Tradevine will suggest matching bank transactions
      • Simple ‘drag-and-drop’ for manual reconciliation

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    • Suppliers
      • Supports multiple suppliers
      • Allows multiple suppliers to be defined per product
      • Order multiples definable
      • Minimum inventory holding definable
      • Tradevine immediately highlights products requiring purchase
    • Purchase Orders
      • Tradevine can recommend purchased and make draft PO’s (Auto-Reorder)
      • Tradevine supports multiple suppliers
    • Purchase Order Receipt
      • Automatically increase inventory upon receipt
      • Automatically create Accounts Payable invoice in Xero
      • Automatically increase SOH value in Xero
      • Partial receipt supported
      • Back Ordering supported

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    • General
      • Unlimited number of user defined labels can be created
      • Labels are used when filtering a data set
      • Labels are for data types such as Products, Sales Orders, Supplier etc

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    • General
      • Tradevine can send Sales Order confirmations PDFs
      • Tradevine can create pick-list / pack-list PDFs
      • Tradevine can send Invoices PDFs
      • Tradevine can create Purchase Orders PDFs
      • Tradevine can include sellers logo on documentation PDFs
      • Documents can be printed or emailed as desired
      • Emails ‘sent’ from logged in users email address
      • Emails can be ‘cc’ed’ to the user
      • Messages can be added to the email

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    • General
      • Tradevine automatically calculates if GST is applicable on both sales and purchases
      • Tradevine detects if the sale or purchase has an international element and adjusts GST accordingly
      • Sales Orders and Purchase orders created in Xero have the correct GST information
      • Invoices are IRD compliant

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    Xero Integration

    • General
      • Xero polled every 5 minutes
      • Tradevine transactions are sent to Xero in real-time
      • Tradevine verifies that key data is synchronised between TV and Xero such as currency, tax rates, tax code, country.
    • Sales Orders
      • Tradevine automatically creates Xero payments for cash/collection orders.
      • Xero transactions dates are automatically adjusted to reflect when ‘taxable events’ occur to ensure correct GST calculation and liability
      • Upon goods dispatch the value is moved from Stock on Hand to Cost of Goods Sold
      • Tradevine automatically send Accounts Receivable invoices to Xero
      • Tradevine automatically detects payment (if bank statements are reconciled in Xero)
      • Tradevine automatically handles Pay Now fees
    • Purchase Orders
      • Purchase orders can be automatically generated based upon actual inventory, target inventory, current requirements, current existing Purchase Orders
      • Tradevine automatically send Accounts Payable invoices to Xero for payment when goods are receipted.
    • Inventory
      • Tradevine maintains an accurate Stock on Hand account based on actual product costs in real-time
      • Inventory purchases, sales and adjustments are reflected in Xero in real-time

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    • General
      • Sales metrics displayed on the dashboard - this contains Today’s sales metrics, Yesterday’s and Last 7 Days for comparison. It also lists all workflow type indicators (sales orders awaiting payment, sales order awaiting approval, products to reorder, shipments due today, current listings, reserves met, listing failures etc.
      • Trade Me listings report
      • Shipments report
      • Variety of sales reports by value, volume, gross profit, gross margin.
      • Variety of product reports by value, volume, gross profit, gross margin.

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    • General
      • Tradevine is ‘work flow’ based and immediately shows actions required by the user on the main dashboard
      • Many users selected options are store in cookies and remembered both within and across session
      • Multiple organisation addresses supported
      • Key organisation details such as company number, logo etc are definable and used on various documents
      • Auto-numbering of all documents with (optional) user defined naming/numbering series for Sales Order, Purchase Orders, Products, Customers and Suppliers
      • Barcodes supported for products and documents
      • Multiple barcode formats supported
      • Imperial and Metric systems supported for defining product dimensions/weights
    • Users
      • Multiple users per organisation
      • Multiple organisations per User
      • User defined ‘Home’ organisation
      • User defined ‘auto logout’ period
      • User defined ‘Home’ page
      • User defined contact details

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    • General
      • Powerful search and sorting across most data elements for rapid, targeted navigation
      • Tradevine flexibly imports and exports transactional data
      • Tradevine shows all transactional history
      • Universal search available on every page - TV will find just about anything.
      • Recent Documents - Tradevine tracks the last 5 viewed records of each data type for rapid navigation.
      • Next-Previous navigation links within current document based on parent grid filter and sort-fields.
      • Extensive hyperlinking to relevant information

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    • General
      • Secure REST based API using standard OAuth protocols
      • Client samples and input/output message code provided
      • Functionality growing to match that available in the application all the time