Why use Tradevine?

Transform your business with our multichannel e-commerce solution built for online sellers and retailers.

What is Tradevine?

Tradevine is an online multichannel e-commerce solution with inventory management that is integrated with Trade Me and Shopify. It is an ideal solution for online sellers and retailers who wish to sell products in multiple internet marketplaces.

Automation – 100% accurate, 100% synchronised, and 100% real time

Tradevine automates many repetitive tasks that can seriously clog up your day. Sales automatically flow from your sales channels into Tradevine and then onto Xero. Listings, feedback and payment reminder notices are all taken care of. Tradevine will even look after your purchasing and sequence purchase orders for approval. Pick lists are a breeze to generate – all sorted and ready for you. Simple and easy!

We are here to support you

At Tradevine we are dedicated to providing you with meaningful and responsive support. For immediate questions you should find everything you need to know in our help and support centre but if you get stuck with anything, just contact us. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

It's all online

Tradevine is a software as a service provider meaning you can use our services immediately. All you need to do is sign up, click on the email confirmation and you're all set to go. Tradevine is available through your internet browser so there is not software to install, no messy updates to worry about and it's available 24/7 online from wherever you might be.

Trade Me compliant

Use Tradevine with the confidence that our software complies with Trade Me's Terms and Conditions. Tradevine communicates with Trade Me using Trade Me's API. Tradevine does not use robots, spiders or scrapers which are prohibited by Trade Me's Policies.

Data security

We understand that your data is private and valuable. We go to great lengths ensure that we look after it and keep it safe. We use professional NZ based hosting with multiple servers and automatically backup your data; historically our uptime has been 99.99%. We are also continuously audited by independent experts to ensure that your data is keep safe from prying eyes and hackers.